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We want to be enjoyed electricity in Rakhine State (Part -1)

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          Today, in the twentieth century, the scientific technology develops with momentum and   electricity is necessary for human beings who purchased the materials from various companies using these technologies from various countries. Scientists invent and made these materials. These materials were made in factories and workshops. In  producing the new weapons in  military affair of dominant country on the world as well as the invention of satellite, space and rocket that  can forecast the climate of the world,  the invention of medicines of cure and prevention from diseases and the invention of materials and equipment of medical check-up, they require electricity.

          Electricity that is essential for today livelihood of human beings is generated from diesel engines, coal-fired power plants, gas turbines, thermal power plants such as nuclear power, hydropower plants, solar power plants, wind power plants that using renewable energy. In Myanmar, Electricity is generated from diesel power plant, hydropower plants, wind power plants, coal-fired power plants, now our ministry is striking to construct solar power plant and generate electricity using solar power.

          In Myanmar, there are 27 no of constructed hydropower plants that have installed capacity of 3221 MW and 8 no of constructing hydropower plants would generate 1737.60 MW. The installed capacity of (19) no of gas turbines is 2142 MW and the installed capacity of gas turbine that are being constructing is 449.9 MW and the installed capacity of a coal-fired power plant is 120MW. The installed capacity of 3 no of solar plants that are being constructing is 470 MW. Totally 47 no of constructed power plants have installed capacity of 2657.50 MW.

          Not only 230 kV, 132 kV and 66kV Transmission Lines but also 500 kV Transmission Lines are being constructing to distribute electricity across the country.

          Transmission Lines that have been constructed are as followings;



Name of Transmission Lines

No. of Transmission Lines

Length (mile)


230 kV Transmission Lines




132 kV Transmission Lines




66 kV Transmission Lines






          The installed capacities of substations that have been constructed are as followings;



Name of Substations

No. of


Installed Capacity(MVA)


230 kV Substations




132 kV Substations




66 kV Substations







          Electricity that generate from power plants is transmitted to 230 kV, 132kV sub-stations near cities and then it is distributed to 66 kV,33kV  sub stations being constructed near  towns and is finally distributed to downtowns, quarters and villages.

          The kind of Transmission Lines of Myanmar to distribute to the home of civilians is 33kV, 11kV, 6.6 kV and 0.4kV and length of Transmission Lines and installed capacity are as followings;





Length (mile)

Installed Capacity(MVA)


33 kV




11 kV




6.6 kV




0.4 kV







          Up to now, 482 no of towns are electrified. 350 no of towns are electrified from power system and the rest towns are electrified from other ways.10486 no. of villages are electrified from power system and 20708 villages are electrified from other ways. So, 32525 no. of villages are un-electrified. The percentage of electrified households in Myanmar is 40.9% at present.

          In order to improve public electrification, the length of 500kV transmission line being constructing is 146 miles, the length of 6 no of 230kV transmission line being constructing is 615.47 miles and the installed capacity of 7 no of 230kV substation is being constructing is1875 MVA and the length of 16 no of 66kV transmission line being constructing is 485.85miles, the installed capacity of 19 no of 66kV substation being constructing is 130 MVA. Some transmission lines and substations would be constructed soon and   our citizens would have enjoyed electricity.

          Moreover, for further getting electricity, the Ministry  has signed 4 no of giving NTP with  local and foreign companies and this four projects are being implementing and  is planning  to construct 500 kV Transmission Line (435.6 miles ), 2 no of 230kV Double Circuit Transmission Line (9 miles),LNG & 4 no of Gas Power Plants with  installed capacity 3111MW.



                                                Furthermore, 500 kV Transmission  Lines & Substations and 230 kV Transmission  Lines & Substations are in plan to construct by international loans such as JICA ODA loan, EXIM Bank of Korean Loan , Asia  Development Bank (ADB) loan. So the construction works would be started and National Power System would be strong and people would get more electricity soon.

          To improve electrification ratio via the power grid, 500 kV, 230kV, 66kV Transmission Lines & substations are being constructing. Some Transmission Lines are being constructing across near villages. So people from these un-electrified villages think that they would get electricity easily from this Transmission Lines.

          To distribute electricity to public, 500 kV, 230kV, 66kV Transmission Lines from Power Plant would be constructed and distribute power to 500 kV, 230kV, 132kV substations constructed near cities. And then conduct electricity with Transformers from these substations via 66KV (or) 33kV Transmission Lines to towns near then, by constructing 11 kV Transmission Lines at downtown & villages, we distribute electricity via 11/0.4kV Transformer and 400 V Transmission Lines from   this 66/11kV (or) 33/11kV substations.

          But for switching on the button to use electricity, generation, transmission and distribution electric power is actually not easy because numeric investment are used  in improvement of generation, transmission and distribution with Union Budget, State or Regional Budget and international loans. Furthermore, for the people who live in villages, our ministry have short terms and long terms of national electrification plan with Union Budget, State or Regional Budget and World Bank aid.

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