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Deputy Minister H.E. Dr. Tun Naing for MOEE inspected the condition of electricity distribution from 33 kV, 11 kV and 0.4 kV transmission lines in Dawei and Thatyetchaung Township



           Deputy Minister H.E. Dr. Tun Naing for MOEE accompanied by Electricity and     Energy Minister of Tanintharyi Region U Aung Thura, Managing Director of ESE, U Saw Win Maung , Deputy Managing Director of EPGE, U Than Naing Oo, Director     (Expert) of MOGE, U Than Sein has inspected the Condition of Electricity     Distribution from 33 kV, 11kV and 0.4 kV transmission lines in Dawei and     Thatyetchaung Township on  22-4-2019 in the afternoon.

           And then, they visited to earmarked Substation in Maungmeshoung Village far 7/7     miles from Dawei. It will be constructed by Asia Development Bank Loan and connected with 230 kV, Mawlamyaing – Ye – Dawei transmission Lines. It aims to     distribute to surrounding area of Dawei. There, H.E. Dr. Tun Naing revealed to advance performing regarding electricity Substation Land, So, as per Tanintharyi  Region Electric Engineers and other Engineers have many differences to consider in advance.

            Continuously, Deputy Minister and his member inspected at 66/33 kV, 66/11 kV  electricity substation, regarding SCADA System construction status in 66     substation. Then H.E. expressed that it is perfect, but need to prepare for the     additional extension of performing system, need to contact with performing  company regarding transformer tapping . 

           Deputy Minister and his member met Services at Tanintharyi Region Electricity Engineer Office at 17:00 hrs and meeting concluded at 19:00 hrs.

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