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Holding Ceremony of Induction Course (1/2018) for Assistant Engineers (Mechanical/ Electrical), Electric Power Generation Enterprise

 30  July 2018

          Ceremony of Induction Course (1/2018) for Assistant Engineers (Mechanical/ Electrical), EPGE was held on 30th July 2018 at Paunglaung Training School (NPT), MOEE.

          Deputy Minister Dr. Tun Naing, Permanent Secretary U Tin Maung Oo, Departmental heads, Instructors and Trainees from MOEE were presented. Firstly, Deputy Minister gave foreword that

  • the aim of opening this training is to understand the responsibility of power plant and situation of generation from EPGE.
  • to improve national development and living standard of the society, 27 hydropower plants, 11 Gas Power Plants, 1 Coal- fired power plant, totally installed capacity (5489.9 MW) were continuously generated essential power annually.
  • to fill the summer demand of Myanmar National Grid in time, MOEE has implemented the buildings for gas power plants and gas engine projects and also making the planning for short term and long term coal-fired power plant projects so that to get more power in the future.
  • the role of engineers is very important for safety and continuously generation of electric power.
  • further than operation, maintenance is important for successfully generate the electricity continuously.
  • trainees have to try combining the knowledge & experiences from training to keep pace with the advanced technology.
  • today is the information technology age.
  • so, we need to familiar the changes of technology secondly so that can perform effectively safety and efficiency in handling tools & machines.
  • as for Engineers, the trainees need to expertly understand the control of technological ideology & maintenance to effectively use of energy resources, to improve ability and to extend the machine life.
  • after finishing this training, trainees will be instructed continuously with practice and theory in Beluchaung (2) & Yeywa Plant trainings.
  • when you enter the workplace, you must integrate theory and practice so that to be improved your quality & qualification.
  • the trainees have to obey the predefine disciplines and actively learn the subjects.
  • the trainees have to try so that to be good servants & trusty engineers for new generations.

          And then, Deputy minister took photo with Departmental Heads, Instructions and trainees. These induction course will last one week for 11 Assistant engineers (Mechanical/ Electrical) shifted from Ministry of Industry to Enterprise of Electric power generation enterprise. 

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