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Planning & Works Branch(head office)

Duties and Responsibilities of Planning and Works Branch

Duties and Responsibilities of Planning and Works Branch

  1. Submission of hydropower sector for national investment plan.
  2. Estimation and submission of revenue and capital to acquire budget allocation, supplementary estimation, reallocation of budget and return of surplus budget.
  3. Submission for approval of construction progress in accordance with annual capital to higher authorities.
  4. Submission for approval of machinery purchasement in accordance with annual capital to Equipment Control Committee.
  5. Collecting, analyzing and interpreting of weekly and monthly construction progress reports and submission to MOEE and higher authorities.
  6. Analyzing of quarterly budget proposal from construction project and submission to Director General for getting approval.
  7. Coordination with International Organizations, World Bank and other agencies for receiving grants and loan.
  8. Preparation, analyzing and submission of monthly progress reports of the construction projects which are implemented with the aids of International Agencies, World Bank and other loans.
  9. Submission of reports to National Special Projects Implementation Committee and National Electricity Development Committee.
  10. Submission of project completion reports and annual reports.
  11. Land acquisition and compensation for implementing the projects.
  12. Inspection of deposit work from other departments.
  13. Preparation for site visit reports of higher officials and supervision for implementing in accordance with that reports.
  14. Arrangements for press, educating and also taking action for news in daily newspaper concerning with DHPI.