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On-going Projects

 Leasing for Existing LPG Terminal in Thanlyin Refinery Area

         Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise (MPE) will have been encouraging to enable LPG to be widely and effectively used as fuel for cooking instead of firewood because of being clean fuel with the aim of decreasing the environmental pollution and preventing deforestation.  Therefore, MPE planned to lease the existing LPG terminal in Thanlyin Refinery Area for one-year short-term. MPE invited the interested local companies to propose for leasing the said LPG terminal. Among the (9) no. of companies, Parami Energy Services Co., Ltd is awarded for leasing LPG Terminal. Parami Energy Services Co., Ltd will carry on LPG business for importation, Storage, Distribution and Marketing by using the existing LPG terminal in Thanlyin Refinery Area.

Joint Venture Project for Import, Storage, and Distribution of Liquefied

Petroleum Gas

         Asia AVA Gas Company Limited is a Joint Venture Company between Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise, Ministry of Electricity and Energy from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, AVA Kahyasis Investments Pte., Ltd from Singapore, Same Sky Construction Company Ltd and Guiding Star Group Ltd Plant (NyaungDon) from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. In order to carry out this joint venture LPG business of importation, storage, and distribution, Asia AVA Gas Company has to construct storage tanks, jetty and loading & unloading arms. The project site is 31.78 acres that the land is private company’ asset and it is located near Bogyoke Village at Thanlyin Township, Yangon Region. Asia AVA Gas Company shall import LPG from abroad, store at its facilities and distribute it in Myanmar. The initial investment for the project is up to 60 million and permitted duration of investment is 50 years.

New Refinery Project

          Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise is planning to implement a new refinery near the Petrochemical Complex (Thanbayarkan). The capacity of the new refinery is 2 ~ 5 Million ton per year using crude oil feed stock which will be available from the South East Asia crude oil pipe line. Myanma Survey Research has carried out environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of New Refinery Project. As EIA/SIA Final Report (Draft) has been evaluated under the EIA/SIA Report Requirements, it had already submitted to Ministry of Resource and Environmental Conservation via Ministry of Electricity and Energy. After getting Environmental Compliance Certificate, the project will be implemented according to the instructions of Ministry of Electricity and Energy, and the Economic policy of Government.